al-Masjid al-Awwal (First Muslim Mosque of Pittsburgh) is a non-profit religious organization.

After the aid of Allaah, we rely solely on Sadaqah (charitable) contributions from the community. We do not accept donations from anyone connected to organizations which misrepresent Islam including, but not limited to ISIS, Al Qaeda, the so-called “Muslim Brotherhood” and their offshoots.

Donate using the PayPal feature below (using debit card, bank transfer or PayPal payment) or send your check/money order, payable to First Muslim Mosque, to:

First Muslim Mosque
1911 Wylie Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Regarding Zakaat ul Maal

Zakaat monies may not be used for general maintenance of the masjid. If you would like our assistance in discharging zakaat monies to legitimate recepients, you must clearly indicate that when submitting your amount. You can do so in an accompanying note mailed with your check or in the message field when sending a donation via PayPal. For any questions or assistance, email