‘Eid ul Adhaa 1438 A.H.

Eidul Adhaa 1438 is Friday, September 1, 2017

Eid Activities at 1MM

Donations for catered events are highly appreciated. Click here to donate via PayPal

Friday, September 01

9:30am Eid Prayer & Khutbah

Prayer will be at the masjid in shaa Allah

Ammons Field
2217 Bedford Ave
Pittsburgh, Pa 15219

Note: In case of rain ☔, venue will be at 1MM

10:30am Brunch @ 1MM – bring a dish to share.

11:30am Slaughterhouse (Men):

Dane Fine Packing
1080 Saxonburg Rd.
Saxonburg, Pa 16056

Note: All arrangements for slaughtering, including payment for and availability of animal, must be made through Salem’s Grill.

1:30pm Jumu’ah optional so long as you prayed Salaatul Eid

4pm 3pm – 7pm Fun Fore All

8 Progress Ave, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066, USA

$20 $22 dollars per/person
(Includes all rides)
food purchase not included

Days of Tashreeq

In shaa Allah, there will be activities planned for the three days of tashreeq (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Reach out to the masjid admin for the most up to date schedule of events.