IMPORTANT NOTE: This guidance was updated on Sha’baan 2, 1443 (March 5, 2022).


PLEASE NOTE: Considering the most recent CDC and local Health authorities’ guidelines, we have updated a number of our protocols. Please be patient and continue to wear masks and distance for now, and pay attention to this page and to our social media for more important updates soon, in shaa’ Allah.

Attendees will need to agree to these conditions in order to attend. No one will be permitted to enter once capacity is reached. We anticipate that the entirety of the Jumu’ah service (khutbah and prayer together) will last for no more than 30 minutes, in shaa Allah.

*Healthy sisters and their children are now welcome for both Jumu’ah and all regular prayers and classes. May Allah bless and reward the noble women of our community for their tremndous patience!

  1. I agree to fully cooperate with the masjid representative(s) in charge of opening and closing the masjid.

NOTE: For Jumu’ah, the masjid opens at 1:15pm, and closes at 2:00. Upon arrival, maintain a single-file line with distance between persons to enter.

UPDATE: When exiting, maintain a single-file line maintaining distance from others.

  1. I agree to wash/sanitize hands before entering the masjid.
  2. I agree to remain home if I show signs of any sickness or I have been in contact with sick individuals.
  3. UPDATED: I agree to leave all books and materials on their shelves. I may bring my phone or my own mus-haf for personal reading. [No longer required; 1MM’s library is now open.]
  4. I agree to bring my prayer rug (or jacket or any material large enough to pray on) and take it with me after the prayer.
  5. I agree to maintain distance from other congregants at all times (during prayers, entering, exiting, sitting, etc.)
  6. I agree to wear a secured mask, covering the mouth and nose, throughout the duration of my attendance and while on 1MM property.
  7. UPDATED: I agree to make wudoo’ & use the bathroom before arriving. I understand that no bathroom or wudhoo’ facilities are available at the masjid. [A single outdoor wudhoo’ station and the indoor bathrooms are open for those who need them, while we still encourage you to come prepared and avoid using them whenever possible.]
  8. I agree not to shake hands, hug, or make physical contact with people (fist-bumping, elbow-bumping, or any other contact).
  9. I agree to avoid crowding when entering and exiting. I will enter and exit in an orderly, single-file line, maintaining social distancing.
  10. Furthermore, I understand that, in accordance with CDC guidelines, if I develop any COVID-19 signs within 2-10 days AFTER having attended Jumu’ah prayer (or any other event), whether I have been tested or not, I will inform 1MM admin (, so that congregation members who attended the same day as me may be notified of possible exposure to COVID-19. (This will be done confidentially so as to protect your identity.)
  11. I agree that if I have been diagnosed with Covid-19, I will be patient and refrain from entering the masjid until I contact 1MM admin about my specific case and follow the steps provided, until I am officially cleared for my return to the masjid.
  12. Finally, please note that attendance at Jumu’ah prayer services poses a certain level of risk. By attending services at 1MM, I am agreeing to release 1MM and all of its administration and those working or volunteering on behalf of its administration of any liability in the event that I become sick or ill.