Temporary Closure for Jumu’ah

Important Announcement (Sent out to the 1MM Community on Nov. 19, 2020)

Due to the rise in Covid cases in our region, we have decided to temporarily cancel Jumu’ah services, along with in-person classes, until further notice.

For the time being, the masjid will remain open for the five daily prayers with strict observance of our current Covid protocol (healthy men only, masks [over mouth & nose] at all times while in and on masjid properties, own rug, social distancing, bathrooms closed).

We strongly urge the community to observe the Stay-At-Home Advisory issued by the Allegheny County Health Department.

We ask Allah to keep us safe and in good health and to cure our brothers and sisters who’ve been tested with this virus. We ask Allah to grant us forgiveness and to remove this virus from the earth. Verily, He is over all things Powerful & Capable.

1MM Admin