1MM Re-Opens For Jumu’ah and Weekly Classes!

Al-hamdu lillaah, we thank and praise Allah, as we come out of the high numbers of infections this winter, after careful consultation and deliberation, we’ve sought the Aid and Assistance of Allah is re-opening al-Masjid al-Awwal for Jumu’ah service and weekly classes!

RE-OPENING DATE: Friday, 21st of Rajab, 1442 (March 5, 2021) in shaa’ Allah.

FRI 1:30 pm = JUMU’AH (doors open at 1:15)
FRI after ‘Eshaa = Waasityyah class (catch up on the recordings here)
SAT after ‘Eshaa = 130 HADEETH on Manners class (catch up on the recordings here)
SUN after ‘Asr = 40 Hadeeth class (catch up on the recordings here)

Tuesday’s New Muslim classes will remain online (for now) in shaa’ Allah.


We need to thank each and every one of you for your exemplary patience and support through this difficult winter. Closing the masjid for Jumu’ah and classes was no easy thing for our community, and we know that such a thing could not go as long as it did without taking a toll on us. So at this time, we seek Allah’s Forgiveness, and we repent to Him, and we ask that each and every member of our community do likewise, sincerely and diligently. We look forward to rebuilding and growing, in shaa’ Allah.

With the blessed month of Ramadhaan on the horizon, just about six weeks away, we ask Allah that he restores what we have lost, strengthens our weaknesses, and increases us in piety and closeness to Him. We beg Him that He opens up doors of goodness for us, that we can pray in connected rows again, embracing each other for the sake of Allah, in safety and good health.

We are especially grateful to our patient sisters in Islam, and we have some great news for them: We’ve recently announced that our sisters and their adolescent daughters are now welcome to attend our weekly classes! We hope that we will be able to include them in Jumu’ah soon, in shaa’ Allah.